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Please consider helping us create NZ's largest river park.

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Every donation makes a difference.

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Enthusiastic Support
Since the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway was first proposed on January 30, 2003, support has been widespread and enthusiastic. 

You can make a difference
Helping us create the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway is as easy as making an online donation. Every donation makes a difference to us. We appreciate every dollar raised, and we genuinely appreciate when someone takes a few minutes of their time to take action and get involved by offering a donation or sponsorship. We believe that a few passionate people can make a big difference. Make a difference NOW.

What the money is for:

  1. A series of public consultation meetings in the towns and communities along the river. The collation and summary of the outcome.
  2. A total river corridor Landscape Study, including stakeholder liaison, and landowner liaison via a landowner database.
  3. Research into appropriate and effective statutory protection mechanisms for the river corridor, initially defined as the visual experiential landscape.
  4. After consulting the Steering Group, the preparation of variations/amendments to the respective District Plans, with the aim of establishing a Clutha Corridor Landscape (CCL) zone or esplanade reserve, or the preparation of another statutory process. 
  5. The promotion of stakeholder participation, with the aim of including all stakeholders in the Steering Group. In the longer-term this Group may form the nucleus of a properly represented Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway 'Authority' or 'Commission,' re-constituted as a statutory body. 
  6. Research into further funding.
  7. The collation of river corridor inventories and resources from statutory and non-statutory bodies, to form a first Draft Parkway Management Plan.
  8. On-going projects such as a Parkway Trail from Lake Wanaka to the Pacific, public access maintenance and improvement, invasive species control and ecological restoration, historic site restoration, heritage and eco tourism projects, protection of water quality, education and bio-diversity study projects, etc. 

What others say

"I appreciated having the opportunity to talk with you about it in person. I congratulate you on this initiative, and on the support you have gathered to date.  It is clear from the material provided, that your steering group has been thorough in the work completed so far." ~ Chris Carter, Minister of Conservation