Community Groups

The UCTT was set up in 2005 with the assistance of the Queenstown Lakes District Council, and was chaired enthusiastically by John Pawson until his untimely loss in August 2008. John was a founding member of the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway Group helping to drive the vision of the Mighty Clutha River Trail. The UCTT, working with the QLDC, DoC, and other agencies, continues to plan and build popular tracks in the region, including substantial sections of the trail along the true right of the Clutha Mata-Au River.

Members of the Upper Clutha Tracks Trust, Parkway Group, Clutha Gold Trail Trust and DoC, scouting the route for the Albert Town to Luggate track in May, 2007. John Pawson, as always, out in front.

The UCRG's were formed in 2009 to protect and conserve the wild Upper Clutha River, including all its natural, recreational and heritage values, by preventing hydro-electric dam development, and by acting as guardians of the Upper Clutha River environment. The UCRG is also dedicated to working with other river and conservation groups focused on protecting the Clutha Mata-Au.

Clutha Gold Trail Trust
The driving force for trails along the Lower Clutha, the CGTT is based in Roxburgh and is planning a trail from the Roxburgh Hydro Village to Lawrence. Chairperson Rod Peirce is on the Executive Committee of the Parkway Group, and is also the Group's Trail Liaison Officer for the Lower Clutha.  The Gold Trail Trust is well placed to liaise with other community groups involved in trail development. The Clutha Gold Trail represents a major section of the future contigious trail from Wanaka to the Pacific. The CGTT is also working with the Beaumont Resident's Group and others, investigating and planning the trail that will follow the Clutha River down the true left of the bush-lined Rongahere Gorge to Tuapeka Mouth, and beyond.

Bill Dacker (left) of the Beaumont Residents Group, and Rod Peirce (right) Chair of the Clutha Gold Trail Trust, scouting a track route through the Rongahere Gorge, in June 2007.

Roxburgh Gorge Trail Trust
Set up in mid-2010, the Roxburgh Gorge Trail Trust currently comprises Stephen Jeffery (Chair), Malcolm MacPherson, Barrie Wills (Secretary) and Clair Higginson, assisted by Anne Pullar, Louise Van der Voort, Jonathan Gadd and Mathew Begg from the CODC, and Tim Dennis (Southernland CKL). Additional trust members will be sought early in 2011. Funding approval ($2m) from the NZ Cycle Trail project was announced in October 2010 and was signed over at a function later that month. The total cost of the trail is estimated at around $3.5m. The trail route along the true right of the gorge has been surveyed. Once easements and Resource Consents are in place, the final trail alignment will be marked and construction will begin.

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