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e-newsletter : April 2005
project news > April 2005

This newsletter is intended to keep all interested parties informed of news and initiatives associated with the Clutha River Parkway project. We are working to establish NZ’s largest river park along the entire Clutha River corridor from Wanaka to the sea.


Project Management Contract Advertised:

The Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway project contract was recently advertised throughout New Zealand. Interest in this contract has been widespread and several responses have already been received. The closing date is April 15th. A panel from the Clutha River Parkway Steering Group will consider responses and make a recommendation to the Steering Group in late April. 


The Project Management Contract Involves:

1/ Organization and facilitation of public consultation meetings in communities along the river. Recording, collating and summarizing the results.

2/ Identification, collation and management of existing databases relevant to the project, such as land ownership, water rights, schedules of historically significant areas, current zonings. Building and maintaining a resource library of relevant documents (eg. aerial media, resource maps, existing management documents).

3/ Commissioning, co-ordinating and managing contracts for appropriate resource studies approved by the Steering Group. A Landscape Study for the total river corridor will be a major foundation study for the Parkway. This study will define the river corridor that will be the basis of the parkway entity.

4/ Research into appropriate and effective statutory protection mechanisms for the river corridor. Scoping a range of non-statutory strategies for resource/value protection and management, including ownership for the purposes of conservation.

5/ Advocacy, support and assistance in respect of variations and amendments to district and regional plans as appropriate, with the aim of establishing a protective zone for the river corridor to achieve the objectives of the Parkway.

6/ Identifying and liaising with all stakeholder and interest groups on a regular basis to promote stakeholder participation. A representative of all main stakeholder groups should be in the Steering Group, if possible.

7/ Have regular reporting meetings and dialogue with the Steering Group. In the longer term this Group may form the nucleus of a properly represented Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway “Authority” or “Commission”, re-constituted as a statutory body.

8/ Preparation of a Parkway Management Plan through the various stages of Preliminary or Outline Draft, Draft and, ultimately, a Final Plan, as the project progresses. This would integrate existing management studies and incorporate the findings of resource studies completed in Point 3.

9/ Responsibility for all media releases and promotional material to raise general awareness of the project at local, district, regional and national levels and to encourage positive community response. The Project Manager would be responsible for preparing a set of guidelines governing the performance of this activity, which shall have the approval of the Steering Group.

10/ Assist with the preparation of funding applications and provision of reports to funding organizations as required. Undertake research into further funding.

11/ Prepare and manage a programme of work for all the above and a budget for the project, including all regular reporting as required by the Steering Group.

To see a detailed Project Management Contract Description, click here.


Next Steering Group Meeting:

The next Clutha River Parkway Steering Group meeting is scheduled for late April. The date is yet to be confirmed.


Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway Website:


Some excellent photos of the Lower Clutha River corridor will be added to the website gallery during April.



Please email us info@cmrp.org.nz for Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway news.




















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