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e-newsletter : August 2004
project news > August 2004


This is the sixth update. It is intended to keep all interested parties informed of news and initiatives associated with the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway project, working to establish NZs largest river park along the entire Clutha River corridor from Wanaka to the sea.


Our Website:

Thanks to generous sponsorship from iNow Internet Solutions, our Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway website is now online.


Funding Update:

The $100,000 granted last year by the Central Lakes Trust has yet to be uplifted because of a condition requiring the balance of the first budget, $50,000, to be found first. If this condition is not met and the grant not uplifted, the Trustees may decide to withdraw the grant. For this reason, we have applied to the Central Lakes Trust for a five-month extension, giving us to the end of 2004 to meet the condition. 

The delay in acquiring more funding is not due to a lack of support. The New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation is keen to become part of the project, but have themselves met with funding challenges this year. Also, our original preliminary application to the Sustainable Management Fund was deferred due to a funding category revue, originally due to be completed by August 1st, but now delayed to September 1st. We will apply to the Sustainable Management Fund as soon as possible. Their funding round results are due to be released on November 1st. We will continue to look into other funding options.

Our new website may also assist us with our fund-raising drive. Visitors to our website can fill in a donation or sponsorship form. If you can assist us, or know of any funding avenues that we can pursue, please contact us and tell us more.


Cris Carter:

Recently, I met with the Hon. Cris Carter, Minister of Conservation, to discuss the Parkway project. He was most supportive and has sent the following written statement:

I appreciated having the opportunity to talk with you about it in person. I congratulate you on this initiative, and on the support you have gathered to date. While it is an ambitious project, it is clear from the material provided, that your steering group has been thorough in the work completed so far, and I wish you well.

... I suggest that you contact my office once you have a firm date for your proposed launch, and I will advise of my availability to attend at that time. You may also like to invite my colleague the Hon Marian Hobbs, Minister for the Environment.


Fox Rock Attempting To Break Covenant:

The Upper Clutha, with its dramatic glacial terraces, will hopefully become one of the jewels in the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway. The riverscape on the north side of the river, between Alberttown and Luggate, has outstanding landscape and recreational values. It is a remote and unspoiled riverscape without a single dwelling. In 2001 a covenant was placed over a large part of this land to preclude the creation of more than 3 lots with no more than one dwelling per lot. The covenant states:

No subdivision of the Servient Lot shall permit the creation of more than three allotments nor permit more than one dwelling to be erected on each such allotment.

Developer Fox Rock has made an application for a leasehold development of 52 lots. They have indicated that these lots would have a 30-year lease. They state that this is not a subdivision development, but clearly the creation of more than three lots, with more than three dwellings, breaches the intention of the covenant to protect the landscape values of the area. 


Steering Group Meeting:

The next Clutha River Parkway Steering Group meeting is scheduled for August 31st.



Please contact the undersigned for other Parkway news, and for our opinion of Fox Rock.



Please direct any enquiries to:

Lewis Verduyn


Clutha River Parkway Steering Group

P.O. Box 124, Wanaka








Thank you for your time.










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