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e-newsletter : Jan 2004
project news > Jan 2004

Progress Report

This is the forth update. It is intended to keep all interested parties informed of news and initiatives associated with the Clutha River Parkway project, working to establish NZ's largest river park along the entire Clutha River corridor from Wanaka to the sea.

Clutha River Parkway Steering Group:
A Clutha River Parkway Steering Group, legally constituted as an Incorporated Society, has now been formed. There are currently some sixteen members in the Steering Group, some of whom are key stakeholders. The intention is to include all the key stakeholders in the project, as outlined in the "vision" document, together with interested organizations and individuals along the course of the river. Further memberships are currently being processed.

$100,000 Approved For Clutha River Parkway:
A funding application to the Central Lakes Trust, seeking $100,000, was approved in the December funding round. The Steering Group has a three-year budget covering a Parkway establishment programme, and will be seeking more funding before work can commence. The Group requires approximately $500,000 to complete its three-year programme.

The Parkway Project Manager:
A Project Manager will be appointed to oversee the initial establishment phase of this nationally important Parkway. This prominent position will require excellent project management, planning and liaison skills. The Clutha River Parkway project is the first of its kind in New Zealand, and may set a precedent for further parkway corridors along rivers or coastal margins. A Project Manager's "brief" is currently being prepared with the assistance of Council advisors.

New Zealand Geographic Feature:
The NZ Geographic published an impressive 28-page feature on the Clutha River and the Parkway in its September-October issue, including a stunning aerial cover photo of the deep turquoise Devil's Nook hair-pin.
"No New Zealand river carries as much water as the Clutha, which passes through some of the country's most iconic landscapes in its course between Wanaka and Balclutha. Yet demands for electricity, irrigation water and homes with river views are all sapping the great river's essence."

Media interested in preparing news stories on the Clutha River Parkway, and the work of the Steering Group, should contact the undersigned any morning between 9am-12 noon. Later, a website will be set up to keep the public, and media, informed of progress.

The "Vision" Document:
The Clutha River Parkway "Vision" document has now been widely circulated, receiving overwhelming support from all sectors of the community. An email copy of this document can be obtained from the undersigned.

Please send any comments, enquiries to:
Lewis Verduyn
President (Acting)
Clutha River Parkway Steering Group



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