Media Release ~ River Trail Progress

‘Mighty Clutha River Trail’ Progressing
CMRP Group, Thursday 19 November 2009

The concept of a ‘Mighty Clutha River Trail’ along the length of the Clutha River is continuing to gain support from community groups from Wanaka to the sea. The 338km river trail, originally proposed as part of the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway project which began in 2003, is gradually becoming a reality, according to Lewis Verduyn, Chairperson of the Parkway Group, which acts as an umbrella organisation.

At the recent AGM of the Clutha Mata-Au River Parkway Group in Alexandra, members heard that the community network along the river has grown significantly in 2009. “Our objective has always been to create a river-length trail within a river parkway corridor,” said Mr. Verduyn. “The trail will be the economic backbone of the river park. Success depends entirely on local support for trail development. This is happening. Communities seem to sense that they are on the verge of reaping huge benefits from river trails.”

Rod Peirce, Trail Liaison Officer for the Lower Clutha, and Chairperson of the Clutha Gold Trail Trust, reported steady progress on planning work for the 73km trail from Roxburgh to Lawrence - a trail in its own right that will become a major section of the Mighty Clutha River Trail. “The most important people in this process are the landowners,” said Mr. Peirce. “We have to give them every consideration.”

Mr. Verduyn said that a ‘Mighty Clutha River Trail’ Workshop was being planned, so that trail focused groups and people from Wanaka to Kaitangata could network together. The workshop will be held in Roxburgh.


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