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'Friends of the Clutha Parkway'
As a 'Friend' you can help us create New Zealand's largest river park, and the Mighty Clutha River Trail. It's easy to become a friend. Simply complete our 'Friends Membership Form' and post it to us. You can be a free Friend or a paid Friend. We'll send you updates on progress.

You can make a difference
By becoming a Friend, or by making an online donation, you can help make the river trail and park a reality. We appreciate every dollar raised, and we genuinely appreciate when someone takes a few minutes of their time to take action. We believe that a few passionate people can make a real difference.

What the money is for
The advancement of trail linkages between the towns and communities along the river as part of the Mighty Clutha River Trail from Lake Wanaka to the Pacific.

The promotion of stakeholder participation, with the aim of including all stakeholders in the Parkway Group. In the longer-term this Group may form the nucleus of an integrated management body.

The preparation of variations/amendments to the respective District Plans, to establish a Clutha Corridor Landscape (CCL) zone or esplanade reserve, or similar, to give some surety to the multi-million dollar trail investment.

The collation of river corridor inventories and resources from statutory and non-statutory bodies, to form a Draft Parkway Management Plan.

On-going advocacy work for the protection and conservation of the Clutha Mata-Au River corridor.

Projects such as public access maintenance and improvement, invasive species control and ecological restoration, historic site restoration, heritage and eco tourism projects, protection of water quality, education and bio-diversity study projects, and more.

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